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Taking into account a need that was not being answered by the present brands playing in the market, the need for a beautiful designed towel, that at the same was also functional, light and absorbent, Catarina Cunha, Mariana Cunha and Ricardo Ramos decided to create our Pop Star of the week – Futah. This new brand offers a line of beach towels that are 100% made of cotton, at an attractive price and available in a shop located in Campo de Ourique.


However, knowing the advantages that it could bring in terms of brand awareness, Futah decided to create a pop-up store in Alecrim do Chiado street. The Yoochai team made an interview in order to understand the reasons behind this decision, as well as the expected outcomes.

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  1. How did the idea of opening a pop-up store emerged?

This idea emerged due to the need of being closer to the centre of Lisbon, where our target market was mainly present, the tourists.

  1. What was the main objective?

Currently, we have a brick and mortar store located in Campo de Ourique, however, the objective of this pop-up store was to, in the months where the sales were higher, being present in a more central area, therefore able to connect with the tourists coming to visit our country.

  1. What were the biggest challenges faced?

As the store would only be active during three months, the main challenge that we faced was creating an attractive décor with the limited budget that we had available.

  1. Do you pretend to implement this new concept of Pop-up in your growth strategy / future internationalization strategy?

Possibly yes.

  1. Do you have some recommendations to those who pretend to create a pop-up store in the near future?

Brands should give special attention to the creation of an attractive décor and the advertising and promotion of the new space.  




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