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12 years ago Manumaya was created, when Manuela Pinto Gouveia visit Guatemala for the first time. She fell in love with its people, its colours and local and unique handicraft techniques. More than a brand, Manumaya is a project that helps in the promotion and revitalisation of the handicraft of Maya community.


“Today I keep close to all families that I work with. Each one of them has its own life story to tell: nearly always a hard story, but also with the hope, positivism and humble that characterises this community.”.


It arrived to Brand Bloc, in Centro Cultural de Belém, last November, and its items were a huge sales success from the beginning! Manumaya is our Pop-Star this week and its manager, Manuela Pinto Gouveia, nicely answered all of our questions.


  1. How did the idea of opening a pop-up store emerged?screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-10-22-35

Rita contacted me, as she already knew about my interest.

  1. What was the main objective?

Testing new markets and selling our products.

  1. What were the biggest challenges faced?

Not knowing how sales will be.

  1. How did you measure the success of the implementation of your pop-up store?

It’s not over yet… I will be there until the end of December, but until now the balance is positive. Mainly when talking about sales, new clients, and promotion of our new store in Príncipe Real.

  1. Do you pretend to implement this new concept of Pop-Up in your growth strategy / future internationalisation strategy?

Yes, we are interested in doing so.

  1. Do you have some recommendations to those who pretend to create a pop-up store in the near future?

We only have good things to say about Yoochai!


Thank you Manuela!


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