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Tuhkana was created in a summer day on the seaside, using the Portuguese population for inspiration.”

The history of our country was made of achievements and discoveries, most of them using the ocean as main ally. Today, the beach is an essential element to any Portuguese, and swimwear is our second skin.

Taking these into account, in 2014, Rute Martins decided to create the first swimwear collection of the brand, using bold designs, feminine and modern cuts, always remembering comfort, having in mind the sophisticated, confident, and relaxed women.


The brand’s mission is to offer products with quality, comfort and excellence, following sustainable practices, as to provide an unforgettable experience.

With four pop-ups already done in Lisbon with the help of Yoochai, and all of them with great results, we could not leave behind the opportunity of sharing with you this interview where you can get to know better Tuhkana, a success case in the world of pop-ups!

1 – How did the idea of opening a pop-up store emerged?

Our first pop-up was soon done in the same year that we created Tuhkana, in 2015. Early on we realized that it was essential to show our products in a physical space, where clients could know better the brand, the quality of the products and the used textiles.

With the help of Yoochai, in 2015 we found our first “home” in Chiado. This year, during three months, we were nearby Mercado da Ribeira, in Le Frique Concept Store, and then we made a weekend pop-up on the São João beach during August.


2 – What was the main objective?

In the first year our main objective was to show our product and concept and test our products (textiles quality, durability, colours…), with a closest contact with the clients.

This year, the main objective of our pop-ups was of increasing the sales level and brand awareness.

3 – What were the biggest challenges faced?

Since I do not live in Portugal, I can say that for us the biggest challenge has been the distance. Guaranteeing that the location is the most appropriate one and make sure our stock arrives to the stores has been the hardest tasks.


4 – How did you measure the success of the implementation of your pop-up store?

The success of our pop-ups is measured through a conversion rate for store visitors, as well as gained brand awareness on social media and increased in the online sales level.

5 – Do you pretend to implement this new concept of pop-up in your growth strategy / future internalisation strategy?

This year we made two pop-ups in Chicago and the receptiveness of our produts from the clients was really good. We will surely do it again.

The pop-up concept will continue to be really important for small businesses as Tuhkana. It is a very effective way of getting clients to know us and increase brand awareness.

6 – Do you have some recommendations to those who pretend to create a pop-up store in the near future?

In our case, due to the distance, what has been really important is to find good partners, aligned with the brand’s mission. I would say a good promotion strategy through media (blogs, magazines…) and a marketing strategy aligned with the social media objectives of the brand are essential.


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