The 8 steps to launch a pop-up

  1.     Location, Location, Location     

Want to insure the best spot to pop-up?

Choose a space which feels like a  prolongation of your brand and identity. Take time to look around and search for the perfect space, where you and your consumers will surely be comfortable. Don’t forget to take into account the surroundings and logistics of the area, including transportation and neighbouring brands and businesses.



  1.      Remember your budget, without cutting corners          

As business owners you might feel the need to count every penny. A pop-up can be done on a small budget, but remember to factor for inventory, space and duration. Save up for something special, to make the most of your temporary store if need be. Also, if you like you need a little help, why not ask? There are plenty options of financing your project like Crowdfunding, for example. If your customers want to see your brand, they might be willing to chip in!



  1.     Say it out loud          

To do a pop-up means you’ve already set up your business, impressed clients and excited with the idea. So share it! Share it with your family, friends, and friends of friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other media, the list is endless. Dress up and approach the VIP´s in your business circle, from local press to relevant magazines and bloggers. And don´t forget to, #createahashtagfortheevent!



  1.     First a manager, then a designer – you have to have it all!     

As a manager, you might have your sale cap on and want to cram the store with as many items as possible. But as a designer and curator of your space, you will surely need to take into consideration the environment, look and feel of your space. Think about the main theme, layouts and colours. If numbers are your strength, rely on Pinterest to give you inspiration. Clients will appreciate the effort you put into your pop-up.



  1.      Try until you succeed      

Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling was rejected by dozens of publishers. Today, she is one of the world’s best known author. Pop-ups can be daunting at first and it might not go exactly the way you want. But don’t despair! Will every pop-up you’ll learn from your experience, gain feedback from clients and eventually become a pro! Feel free to ask us for hacks.



  1.     Ask others to collaborate     

If you know a brand, designer, or other entrepreneur with an idea that would look good next to yours, ask them to pitch in and share a space with you. Share the fun in setting up your temporary shop and create synergies from cost savings to sharing clients. Read more about this topic in our article “Shop sharing – the new trend”.



  1.     Stay present     

We know that a popping up follows the rule “here today, gone tomorrow”. But your customers will want to know that they can still find you, so keep in touch via social media and guarantee some “after pop-up care” to insure their continued loyalty and satisfaction.



  1.     You will learn more in one day than in all your university degree (or nearly)     

Launching a pop-up is certainly a journey, and Yoochai is here to help make it a success every step of the way. Post pop-up, take some time to assess what went right and of course, what could do with a little improvement. When you ready to do it again, you know who to call!


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